Pie in the Sky

Gary Pearce posted the following on his BLOG (www.TalkingAboutPolitics.com):

“The most recent Elon Poll showed why politics is hard. Asked whether they support higher taxes or job cuts to balance the state budget, a majority ofNorth Carolinians just said no. They don’t want either.

No, that’s not logical. But voters don’t have to be logical.

This dilemma was captured recently by a cartoon. It showed one of those pie charts about where federal tax dollars go: Social Security, defense, Medicare and Medicaid, general government, etc.

Then it showed another chart. A small slice – maybe 2 percent – was “Programs That Benefit Me Personally.” The rest of the chart was labeled “Waste.”



NCAE video alleges plot to destroy public schools

From Under the Dome:


The N.C. Association of Educators has a video linking House Majority Leader Paul Stam, Wake Board of Education Chairman Ron Margiotta and businessmen Art Pope and Bob Luddy in an alleged plan to destroy public schools.

It picks up on a theme that got its footing last year as a new majority took over the Wake County School Board.

The video creates a narrative with graphics, still photos, and audio clips of Stam, who is pushing for tax credits for parents who send their children to private school.
Luddy, founder of the private Thales academies and a public charter school, was the largest donor to the Wake County School Board majority, and its chairman, Ron Margiotta, was on the board of trustees for Thales Academy in Apex.

Luddy gave a $4,000 contribution to Stam’s campaign, the maximum allowed.
Pope, a big contributor to the Wake GOP last year, objects to characterizations that he is against public schools.

Joel Maynard

The Governor wants you to “Balance the Budget with Charlie”






Under the Dome put together the Education highlights from the Gov’s ‘State of the State’…

Check It Out Here

NCAE reacts (then reacts again) following comment by Sen. Tillman

It all starts with the article below….

The GOP targets public education for deep cuts

From Bob Geary at INDYWEEK.com:

In Room 643, the vast committee room on the top floor of the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh, it was last rites for the Democratic Party’s control of education policy in North Carolina. Both co-chairs of the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee, Democrats Doug Yongue of Scotland County and Tony Foriest of Alamance County, had been swept from office in the Republican landslide Nov. 2, making the atmosphere close to funereal as the committee met briefly last week to wrap up its business. “Real changes in the way we do business,” Sen. Foriest said, will be coming under Republican control.

Rep. Ray Rapp, a Madison County Democrat and retired Mars Hill College dean, asked that the committee go on record in favor of, above all, protecting education funding as the GOP slashes spending to close a $3.7 billion budget gap for fiscal 2010–11. “We cannot eat our seed corn,” Rapp said.

Several Democrats joined Rapp in expressing the hope that Republican Sen. Jerry Tillman, a retired public school administrator from Randolph County and part of the new Senate leadership team, would put his lineman-size body in the way of severe education cuts.

Tillman, said Sen. Bob Atwater, D-Chatham, “is a big man in more ways than one……”


And it seems that Senator Tillman’s comments didn’t sit well with NCAE…..


NCAE’s Initial Reaction:


NCAE’s Revised Action Alert:


Check out the Public School Forum’s Friday Report

The Friday Report covers great topics including:

  • When Does the State Respond to Projected Layoffs?
  • Budget Cuts Likely To Go Much Deeper Than Anticipated
  • Charter Changes Unveiled
  • Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Plotting Against You
  • General Assembly Sets Ambitious Budget-Approval Goals
  • State Board Releases 2011 Legislative Priorities




Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

In an interesting political move, the General Assembly is expected to grant what may be referred to as ’emergency budget super powers’ to the Governor this week.  Although it may appear harmonious at first, rest assured, this is anything but.  No doubt, there is some very savvy political play set to unfold – the details of which, are being closely guarded.   As for the rest of us… Waiting and watching is the name of the game.

Check out the story below:

From WRAL: Legislative measure gives Perdue more budget power

RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina lawmakers have rolled out a bill that would give Gov. Beverly Perdue more authority to reduce spending throughout state government to free up extra cash to help close an expected budget gap next year of more than $3.5 billion….


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