Education Bills: 2009 Session


House Education Bills


Senate Education Bills


4 Responses to “Education Bills: 2009 Session”

  1. Herb Lamb Says:

    Hi Joel,

    Did the bill increasing the cap on the number of charter schools pass in the Senate and become law? The bill was asking that the cap be increased from 100 to 106. I also read that the bill proposed that the cap did not apply to counties that do not currently have charter schools.

    • Joel Maynard Says:


      Thanks for reading.

      As best I can remember, there were two separate bills pertaining to raising the cap on Charter Schools this session, a House version and a Senate version.
      Links to said bills below: (bill history and text included)


      Neither made it out of committee in their respective houses, and therefore failed to make crossover — in short, the Charter School cap was not raised.

      I hope that answers your question and feel free to let me know if there is anything else I can do.


      • Hugh Jazz Says:

        What about H 856?

        BTW, love the snow.

        Jazz hands!!!!

        • Joel Maynard Says:

          HB 856 has passed the house and is currently in Senate Education. Follow the link to view the status of the bill:

          HB 856 would amend the general statutes to raise the statewide cap on charter schools from 100 to 106 and to add a provision requiring the State Board to prioritize applications for schools that will be located within local school administrative units without charter schools. It revises standards for the State Board of Education’s assessment of charter schools and requires that by the end of the second year of operation, the minimum standard for academic growth for a charter school shall be a year’s growth in individual student performance in a school year. If the State Board of Education finds that a charter school has failed to meet its projected levels of improvement in student performance or had low levels of student performance for two consecutive years, the Board may terminate or fail to renew that charter. The bill also amends GS 115C-238.29F(g)(5) to clarify that the charter school must make a good faith effort to ensure that the applicant pool for admission reflects the racial and ethnic composition of the general population residing in the unit in which the school is located or of the special population that the school seeks to serve residing within the unit in which the school is located.

          ps. it was included in the April Summary:

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