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The stats monkeys at have been feverishly tabulating, totaling, and compiling for nearly a week now and it’s finally complete!

Call it a ‘State of the Website’ if you like…. the following report details how NCEducationPolicy.comyour favorite source of Education News, and of course browser homepage — fared over the past 12 months.

So without further ado…  A relatively high level summary of the overall health of this blog:

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The average container ship can carry about 4,500 containers. This blog was viewed about 14,000 times in 2010. If each view were a shipping container, your blog would have filled about 3 fully loaded ships.

In 2010, there were 92 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 203 posts. There were 3 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 172kb.

The busiest day of the year was April 20th with 221 views. The most popular post that day was Task Force on Childhood Obesity Commission Summary .


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Some visitors came searching, mostly for nc education budget, nc education budget cuts 2010, nc education policy, nc education budget cuts, and nc education budget 2011.



Though we love them all equally, the most popular posts were…

  1. Task Force on Childhood Obesity Commission Summary February 2010

  2. NC Education State Budget Cuts Proposed to the Governor (Updated) November 2010

  3. North Carolina Budget Deficit Continues to be Discussed 2011-2012: August 2010


  5. Task Force on Childhood Obesity Summary February 2010


Preview of January State Board of Education Meeting

Wednesday & Thursday, January 5, 6, 2011

The State Board of Education will meet on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 in committees.  They will begin with the Leadership for Innovation Committee, Globally Competitive Students Committee, Healthy Responsible Students, 21st Century Professionals Committee, and finish with the Business/Finance and Advocacy Committee. On Thursday, they will meet to take Action on issues. Access to the SBE Executive Summaries and related documents are on the SBE website at the following link:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Leadership for Innovation Committee Meeting (10:30 AM)

Action and Discussion Agenda


  • LF1 Status of eTextbooks and Digital Teaching and Learning Resources in NC Public Schools The State Board is requested to discuss and give feedback on the process for moving to more online resources and digital textbooks. The new assessments developed for ACRE will require online testing in 2013/2014. There must be a change to digital teaching and learning, which includes digital resources and other digital teaching tools. The Board will receive an update on the status and readiness to shift to online assessments and other possible changes.

New Business

  • NCVPS/LEO Director’s Update:
  • Race to the Top Evaluation Questions

Globally Competitive Students Committee (1:00 PM)

Action and Discussion Agenda


  • GCS 1 North Carolina Extended Content Standards for Mathematics and Science The State Board will discuss the content standards being presented by grade level for Mathematics and Science. This effort was the result of a collaboration between the Exceptional Children’s Division and the Curriculum Division. The Standards comply with NCLB and IDEA. The assessments will measure the achievement of students with the most cognitive disabilities, based on alternate achievement standards. This provides special education students (greatest cognitive disabilities) with a set of uniform content standards and clarifying objectives for Mathematics and Science.

Healthy Responsible Students Committee (11:35 AM)


  • HRS1 Interscholastic Athletics The State Board will review a requested policy change and provide feedback. A small group of students was deemed ineligible to participate in athletics due to the change in the cut-off date for admission to kindergarten. Currently, the policy contains a note delaying implementation of the cut-off date until 2015-2016. The policy note should be deleted and this will allow all students who turn 19 before August 31 of their senior year to be eligible to participate in athletics. Deleting the note will also allow students who turn 19 before August 31, 2011 and beyond to be eligible to play interscholastic sports.

21st Century Professionals Committee (2:10 PM)

Action and Discussion Agenda


  • TCP 1 Recommendations from the Advisory Board on Requests for Exception from Teacher Licensing Requirements The State Board is requested to approve each request for exception from licensing, as recommended by the Board panel. In 2006, the Board appointed a panel to review requests for exemption to the licensing requirement or to provide an extension of time. The panel recommendations will be heard in Closed Session.
  • TCP 2 State Board of Education Recognition of North Carolina Board of Examiners for Speech and Language Pathologist and Audiologists (NCBOESLPA) Licensure as the Qualifying Credential for Service in Public Schools The State Board is asked to approve the proposal to recognize NCBOESLPA licensure as the qualifying credential required for service as a speech-language pathologists’ service in public schools. Presently, DPI has been licensing speech and language pathologists and is recommending moving to the more rigorous professional license standards, of the NC Board of examiners for Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists (NCBOESLPA). The Board requirements include: 1) completion of 75 semester hours of study in the field at an institution of higher education (IHE), 2) minimum score of 600 on Praxis II Speech Language Pathology, 3) completion of 30 hours of continuing education in the field every three years, and 4) renewal of license on an annual basis.

Business/Finance and Advocacy Committee Meeting (2:35 PM)

Action and Discussion Agenda


  • TCS 1 Race to the Top (RttT) – Incentives to Support Teacher Recruitment and Retention in the Lowest achieving Schools The State Board is requested to approve the RTT incentives to support teacher recruitment and retention in the lowest achieving schools. . In the RttT proposal, NC indicated they would provide every new teacher who choose to work in the lowest achieving schools, regardless of their entry into teaching, with a voucher that can be used for the following: 1) Forgiveness of student loans for each year of teaching, 2) Tuition for obtaining a Master’s degree in education, educational administration, or the content area in which they teach, and 3) Housing, or a combination of the three. The value of the voucher is equal to the cost of two semesters of coursework, two courses per semester at an in-state-degree granting program.

Action on First Reading

  • TCS 2 Approval of Grant
    • State Personnel Development Grant North Carolina was awarded a five-year competitive grant (NC-SIP) for $7.4 million. The purpose of the grant is to establish and implement staff development support services to improve the performance (math and reading) and success of students with disabilities. There are four major goals for the grant: 1) improve math and reading skills performance for students with disabilities, 2) increase the percentage of qualified teachers if students with disabilities, 3) increase graduation rate and decrease dropout rates of students with disabilities, and 4) improve parent satisfaction with, and support of, school services for students with disabilities. Funds of $120,000 are being provided to start up the new grant sites in 2010-2011. Reading sites receiving $10,000 per year for five years include; Clinton City, Weldon City, Bladen County, Stokes County, Kannapolis City, Bertie County, and Richmond County. Math sites receiving $10,000 per year for five years include: Stanly County, Sampson County, Davie County, Henderson County, and Forsyth County.
  • TCS 3 Council on Educational Services for Exceptional Children The State Board is requested to discuss the Council vacancy and provide a recommendation to fill the position of a parent of a child with disabilities. Approval of the individual will occur at the February meeting.

Update on Contracts

Contracts over $25,000 – 13 contracts

Contracts under $25,000 – 3 contracts

Thursday, January 6, 2011

State Board of Education Meeting, (9:00 AM) Dr. William Harrison, Chairman

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance:

Approval of Minutes

Special Presentation

  • Mr. William (Bill) P.  Tatum, Lee County Board of Education

Key Initiatives Reports and Discussion

Career, college, Ready Set, Go/Race to the Top Update – Mr. Adam Levinson

  • District and School Transformation Update-Dr. Pat Ashley
  • Performance Navigator-Mr. Mike Martin

State Superintendent’s Report

  • Dr. June Atkinson

Board Meeting and Committee Chair Reports

Information Agenda

Healthy Responsible Students

  • HRS 2 Healthy Active Children Report 2010. The State Board will hear information on the 2010 Healthy Children Report, required annually from the LEAs. The summary report includes information on the minutes of physical activity, including recess and trend data. The presentation slides are available in the link provided at the beginning of this preview. Eleven LEAs did not report information as required and the list is included in the report. Only 40 percent of the Healthy Advisory Committees list a representative, which is required and only 38 percent meet quarterly. Fifty-three percent provide their reports to the local boards of education. Fifty-one percent report ALL of their elementary schools provide 150 minutes of weekly PE with a certified PE teacher, while 48 percent report ALL of their middle schools provide 225 minutes of weekly Healthful Living with a certified health and physical education teacher. The remainder of the report provides further information on such items as: the use of the  health advisory report, health assessment tools being used, staff wellness program, percent of LEAs withholding recess as punishment, health advisory commission training attended by LEA representative, and joint-use agreements.

Consent Agenda

Globally Competitive Students

  • GCS 2 Changes and Clarifications to Policy GCS-A-012: Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives for NCLB Title III and Update to Title III State Plan The State Board is requested to approve the amendments to Policy GCS-A-012 and the Title III Plan, which includes policy amendments. After collecting two years worth of data from ACCESS for ELLS assessment, used for specifying annual measurable objectives to determine the percentage of students making progress toward English Language proficiency. Policy changes are being recommended, including the targets for proficiency. They include the following: 1) AMAO 1. Students identified as limited English proficient shall demonstrate progress by achieving one or more of the following in terms of the overall composite proficiency score on the annual English language proficiency test: 1) increase to the next English language proficiency level; 2) increase the previous score by 0.5; or 3) reach the Comprehensive Objective Composite. The new proficiency targets are as follows: 2010-2011-55.1, 2011-2012-, 56.1, 2011-2013-57.1, and 2013-2014 58.1, with all succeeding years increasing by 1.0 point. The policy update and information on the cut scores is included in the GCS 2 executive summary link provided at the beginning of this preview.

Healthy Responsible Students

  • HRS 3 State Board of Education Study on Issues Related to Sports Injuries at Middle School and High School Levels The State Board is recommended to accept the study report as presented and to submit it to the General Assembly as required. The final report is due to the 2011 General Assembly upon convening.

21st Century Professionals

  • TCP 3 Proposed Qualifying Scores for Praxis II Physics (0265) and Regenerated Praxis II Exams in Elementary Education (0015) and Technology (0051) The State Board is asked to approve by consent the qualifying scores being recommend for Physics, Elementary Education, and Technology Education. NC is recommending a Physics test cut score of 133 after completing an in-state study conducted by the DPI Licensure Section. ETS conducted a standard setting process and has set a cut score of 161 for Elementary Education and a cut score of 159 for Technology Education. The new tests are for those individuals seeking a NC license in the above areas.
  • TCP 4 Proposed Qualifying Scores for Praxis II Art: Content and Analysis (0135) The State Board is recommended to approve by consent the new cut score of 161 for Art: Content and Analysis (0135). The new test and score is appropriate for the assessment of individuals seeking an Art Education license in North Carolina.

Leadership for Innovation

  • LFI 2 Approval of Charter School Technology Plans The State Board is requested to approve, by consent, the charter school technology plans submitted by the following schools: Cape Fear Center for Inquiry, Tiler Charter, Socrates Academy, Gray Stone Day School, Bridges Charter, and ArtSpace Charter.

Business/Finance and Advocacy

  • TCS 4 School Bus Inspection Updates: Policy Regarding Preventive Maintenance and Vehicle Replacement Manual Updates (TCS-H-005) The State Board is recommended to approve, by consent, the recommended policy changes for school bus inspections. In 2006, TCS-H-005 was adopted and covers preventive maintenance, vehicle replacement, and school bus inspections. A new policy, TCS-H-011, was adopted and transportation staff began reviewing the “INSPECTION” section of the old policy and identified the need for technical updates to the inspection procedures to include best practices, and acknowledge the latest technology, since adoption of TCS-H-005 in 2006. Policy TCS-H-005 also includes technical changes to the “VEHICLES” section, reflecting changes in school bus specifications, adopted since 2006.

Action and Discussion Agenda

Chairman’s Remarks

  • Dr. Bill Harrison, Chairman
  • Legislative Update


Budget Puzzle: You Fix the Budget

From the New York Times:

If you were in charge of the nation’s finances, what would you do?  Some of your options have more short-term savings and some have more long-term savings. Work to close the budget gaps for both 2015 and 2030 and share it when you’re done.

From the New York Times:


When you’re done, be sure to read HOW READERS CHOSE TO FIX THE DEFICIT

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RALEIGH — Concern about gender equity and not elimination of Wake County’s diversity-based student assignment policy appear to have cost the school district $10.3 million in federal magnet school grant money.

A reviewer who repeatedly questioned whether Wake was doing enough to recognize gender differences, particularly helping minority males, gave a much lower score than two other reviewers.

The reviewer’s low score helped knock Wake out of the running for a hunk of the $100 million in federal magnet money issued last week to 36 recipients, money aimed….

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From the North Carolina Public Schools Website

The State Board of Education yesterday approved a new student and school accountability model to begin in 2013-14 that focuses on college and career readiness. These changes are part of the state’s Career & College: Ready, Set Go! plan for education in North Carolina.

The new model – under development for more than two years – has two primary purposes: diagnosing student learning to ensure students are on track…..

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More articles here:



The 2009 Short Session of the North Carolina General Assembly reconvened at Noon on Wednesday, May 12, 2010.  The Wake Delegation has added a new member, Representative Chris Heagarty, since the long session. The General Assembly has returned with more budget woes. The economy has not performed or turned around as expected. Unemployment is still high, and though the Department of Revenue has not reported the 2009 collections, there may not be the usual good news (April Surprise) from them this year. There appears to still be an $800 million plus hole in the budget. Members are going to have some hard decisions this year and when the Federal ARRA funds are gone next year there will be more tough decisions. Any serious tax reform seems dead for short session as members try to keep their House and Senate seats (those that are running again).  Talk around the building is it is going to be a tough year for the Democrats and we could see the Senate and possibly the House lose their majority. The primaries are over and 6 incumbents, Democrats and Republicans, are gone and the November general elections are not far off.

Speaker Hackney held a press conference Wednesday to outline the House Democratic Caucus focus for short session: 1) Jobs: Supporting small businesses and getting North Carolinians back in the workforce, 2) Education: Protecting our future by ensuring students receive a quality education, 3) Fiscal Responsibility: Balance the state budget and still meet the needs of the citizens, 4) Accountability: Transparency in state government and ethics legislation.

The Senate Appropriations Chairs are still planning to release their budget soon through the various subcommittees, and as of this memo they are planning to meet Friday, May 14 in the morning. Once the Senate release their budget I will distribute an excel spreadsheet with that information compared to the 201-2011 budget as well as the Governor’s budget proposal. Next week, Senate Appropriations is expected to meet and approve the budget (adjustments) on Tuesday and then to the Senate Floor for a vote Wednesday and Thursday. The word is they will not put any of the finance package in the budget bill, but will introduce it as a separate bill, as they did last year. Several issues continue to be discussed about the education/public schools budget including: line item cuts versus a larger discretionary cut, bus tort claims, handheld clickers for elementary and middle school teachers, furlough flexibility for public schools, university funding versus public school funding, lottery funds to support operations in public schools, etc. The Governor made her pitch on the handheld technology devices to the Senate Appropriations Chairs on Wednesday afternoon and rumor has it she has sold the Senate leadership on an allotment to put at least some of these in schools across the State. The lottery discussion is drawing some talk, but some leaders in the House are not interested in using these funds to plug the public schools funding hole and the word is the Senate is not headed in that direction either. Things are hectic right now, but the hope is they will finish the budget by early July and shut down the short session by the end of July.

The House and Senate held their first Session Wednesday. The Senate moved HB 1292 Employment of Noncertified School Personnel from the Senate Floor back to Education, where we believe it will remain without further discussion in 2010.  They held Session Thursday at 9:00AM and 11:00AM in the Senate and House respectively, and adjourned until Monday. The House Democrats will caucus on Monday at 6:00PM. The House announced their weekly schedule as Monday at 7:00PM and Tuesday and Wednesday at 3:00PM and Thursday at 1:00PM .  The Senate does not typically keep a set schedule for their meetings.

Bills Introduced:


HB 1292 Employment of Non Certified School Personnel: Re-referred to Education

HB 1666 Davie School Board

HB 1668 Sales Tax Exemption: 100% Recycled Material

HB 1669 Require Use of EVAAS in Schools

HB 1676 Substitute Teacher Unemployment

HB 1682 Ban Corporal Punishment for Children w/ Disabilities

HB 1683 Amend Sunset/Children/Disabilities

HB 1699 Education Cabinet Establish STEM Priority

HB 1700 Career Academy as Coop. Innovative High School

HB 1701 NC Sustainable Community Task Force

HB 1707 SHP/Age-out Dependents; Tobacco Use Testing

HB 1718 JOBS Commission Pilot Schools

HB 1719 Additional Flex/Coop Innovative High Schools


SB 1115 Carteret Schools May Administer Oath

SB 1116 Study/Early Childhood Education and Care

SB 1118 Consolidate Payments/Early Care and Ed Provider

SB 1119 Consolidate Regulation/ Early Care and Ed Provider

SB 1138 Ban Corporal Punishment for Children with Disabilities

SB 1139 Require Use of EVAAS in schools

SB 1140 Amend Sunset/Children with Disabilities

SB 1141 Task Force on Sports Injuries in Schools

SB 1142 School Support/Division Changes

SB 1143 Substitute Teacher Unemployment

SB 1150 Funds for Special Olympics NC

SB 1151 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

SB 1152 Study Child Nutrition Program

SB 1153 Legislative Task Force on Childhood Obesity

SB 1155 Reduce Corporate Income Tax

2010 Deadlines

Drafts To Bill Drafting Filed

House & Senate Study Commission Bills            Wednesday, May 12                        Wednesday, May 19

House and Senate Budget Bills                              Friday, May 14                                  Tuesday, May 25

House & Senate Local Bills                                     Wednesday, May 19                        Wednesday, May 26

House & Senate Bills State Pension                     Wednesday, May 19                        Wednesday, May 26

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