Sen. Stevens files bill to lift the Charter Cap

Read the article here:  Under the Dome: Charter Bill Filed

Read Senate Bill 8:  Click Here

PDF Version: Click Here

One Response to “Sen. Stevens files bill to lift the Charter Cap”

  1. Buncha Quitters Says:

    And I suppose the education groups like NCAE and the school boards are going to support this? The change in tune of those groups as reported over the last couple of months was so typical of the spineless, whiny education lobby. All of a sudden some different legislators show up in Raleigh and WHADDYA KNOW…they don’t oppose changing the charter school cap anymore! Where’s the dedication to the cause?

    I’d love to hear the mental acrobatics behind their reasoning. Probably something like: “if we support it, at least we can be at the table and have some control over how it’s done.” Or: “maybe if we support them on this, they won’t be mad at us when they have to cut $3.7B out of the budget.”

    What a bunch of lazy sell-out cowards!

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