NC Education State Budget Cuts Proposed to the Governor (Updated)

November 27, 2010

NC DPI has posted their budget cuts recommended to Governor Perdue and they are deep in some areas, while other areas are cut significantly less, and some are completely untouched. In an effort to reach the 5 percent cut requested, 17 funding allotments to the districts, were cut they are as follows in order of size:

Teachers ($238,935,844), Teacher Assistants ($201,870,219), Instructional Support ($29,700,530), Non-instructional Support ($39,700,530), Children with Special  needs ($23,694,707), AT-Risk ($23,587,331), CTE months of employment ($18,875,990), School Building Administration ($15,450,498), Staff  Development ($12,555,269), Textbooks ($11,541,004), School Technology ($10,000,000), Mentor Pay ($9,214,190), Classroom Materials/Supplies ($9,090,176), Limited English ($7,653,681), Central Office ($5,372,529), Academically Gifted ($3,520,675), CTE Program Support ($969,722).

The 10 percent recommended cut increases some of these 17 cuts and adds another 7 funding allotment areas to be cut.  Six areas not recommend to be cut at any level are the following: DSSF, Child and Family Support Teams, Small Specialty High Schools, ADM Contingency Reserve, School Breakfast, Finance Officer Staff Development. DPI has also added in the funding cut of $304 million, LEA adjustment, to restore this discretionary cuts funding to the districts. The DPI recommended cuts are based on continuation funding allotments for 2011-2012, where funding for non-recurring cuts in 2009-2011 will be added back in to the public school’s funding (i.e. Textbooks) and certain allotments have built-in increases as part of the law.

Other cuts in the chart are for non-profits and programs where funding flows through DPI to various programs and organizations (i.e. More at Four), with cuts totaling $19,451,173, as part of the 5 percent reduction recommendation. DPI is recommending a $136,766 cut to the agency (0.32 percent) under the 5 percent cut and $2,560,484 (5.96 percent) under the 10 percent cut request. Potential job losses for teachers (5,313) and teacher assistants (13,259) were the only personnel noted in the DPI recommendations. This information is included in the spreadsheets provided through the DPI link listed at the top of this document.

Please remember these are only suggestions to the Governor as requested to assist her in preparing her budget recommendations to the 2011 General Assembly. There is a great deal of work to be done and the new Republican majority has said they plan to look at every line item and to determine how much funding is needed or even if the program is needed at all.

This is the beginning of what is expected to be a long budget winter for the new leadership in the NC House and Senate as they struggle with a serious $3.5 billion HOLE in the State budget

3 Responses to “NC Education State Budget Cuts Proposed to the Governor (Updated)”

  1. andrea freeman Says:

    When are they voting on Public Education Funding?

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