Preview of State Board of Education Meeting

Wednesday & Thursday, September 1, 2, 2010

The State Board of Education will meet on Wednesday, September 1, 2010 in committees.  They will begin with the Globally Competitive Students Committee, Leadership and Innovation Committee, 21st Century Professionals Committee, and they finish with the Business/Finance and Advocacy Committee. On Thursday, they meet to vote. Access to the SBE Executive Summaries and related documents are on the SBE website at the following link:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Globally Competitive Students Committee (10:00 AM)

Action and Discussion Agenda

Action on First Reading

  • GCS 1 Changes and Clarifications to Policy GCS-A-012: Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives for NCLB Title III North Carolina has two years of data from ACCESS for ELLS© assessment used for determining Title III Annual Measurable Objectives criteria and targets. DPI has worked with individuals from Appalachia Regional Comprehensive Center and The Wisconsin Center for Education Research. Staff has examined the scoring and ranking with the assistance of these two groups and is requesting State Board approval this month, to allow schools to meet the federal timeline of notifying parents for eligibility for services to LEP students. Students who attain proficiency will exit the LEP program. The State Board is requested to approve amendments to policy GCS-A-012.


  • GCS 2 Discussion of North Carolina’s Proposed New Accountability Model The SBE will discuss and provide further guidance to the Department on the new accountability model. The ACRE Assessment and Accountability Committee drafted a proposal for a new accountability model to address both K-8 and high school accountability. Components of the proposed model include student performance, value-added performance for teachers, schools and districts, long-term Longitudinal) growth, graduation rate, Future Ready Core and postsecondary readiness. This item will continue to be a part of the SBE agenda until it is ready for Action.

Leadership for Innovation Committee (11:30 AM)

Action and Discussion Agenda

New Business

  • NCVPS/LEO Director’s Report

21st Century Professionals Committee (1:00 PM)

Action and Discussion Agenda


  • TCP 1 State Evaluation Committee Teacher Education Program Approval Recommendations The State Board is requested to approve the recommendations related to Montreat College and Peace College teacher education programs. Montreat is requested to receive program approval for the undergraduate teacher education program and full approval for the graduate program with the proviso that they report back to the State Evaluation Committee in May of 2011 on the Areas for Follow-up and Action noted in the graduate program contained in the State Board information (link above). Peace College is requested to receive full approval of their teacher education program.
  • TCP 2 Rubric for Pre-Service Superintendent Programs In the revised program approval process it was determined that the seven-year on-site review cycle will be replaced with an annual review of evidence that candidates recommended for licensure meet the NC Superintendent Standards. McRel has developed an assessment instrument, which will be used to assess both the individuals and the superintendent preparation programs and is aligned with the new evaluation instrument for superintendents. A copy of the Rubric can be viewed online in the SBE meeting packet through the link at the beginning of this document.
  • TCP 3 Proposed Qualifying Score for Dual Licensure Health and Physical Education Praxis II Test The State Board is requested to approve the requirement for dual licensure in health and physical education. The recommendation is in response to a provision approved by the Board to allow the Licensure Section to issue a health and physical education license to a physical education teacher who meets certain requirements (as determined by the Board). The licensure provision expires on June 30, 2012. The qualifying scale score of 149 on the Praxis Health and Physical Education: Content Knowledge is recommended. This is presented for Action and will become effective September 2012 upon approval.

Action on First Reading

  • TCP 4 Approval Adoption of the School Executive: Principal Evaluation Process for Assistant Principals The State Board is requested to approve the use of the School Executive Principal Evaluation process for assistant principals. The validation process for using the principal evaluation instrument for assistant principals is complete.
  • TCP 5 Recommendations from the Advisory Board on Requests for Exception from Teacher Licensing Requirements The State Board is requested to approve the recommendations of the panel. A panel chaired by a member of the State Board reviews the requests for exception from teacher licensing requirements and makes recommendations. Those requesting an exception include teachers who have not been able to satisfy licensing requirements and prospective teachers who have not met the Praxis I testing requirements.


  • TCP 6 Approval/Adoption of the NC Superintendent Evaluation Process The State Board will discuss using the North Carolina Superintendent Evaluation Process for evaluating superintendents by local boards of education. The validation process has been finalized. McRel developed and validated the process. They worked with NC Superintendents, NCASA, NCSBA and members of local boards during the development and validation of the instrument. The new evaluation instrument may be implemented statewide with the 2010-2011 school year.
  • TCP 7 Approval/Adoption of the Superintendent Evaluation Instrument for Central Office Staff The State Board will discuss the use of the Superintendent Evaluation Instrument for Central Office staff. While the superintendent evaluation process was validated for Superintendents, steps were taken to also validate the instrument for use by Central Office staff. The validation process is finished. The instrument is ready for use by Central Office staff and may be implemented statewide with 2010-2011 school year.

Business/Finance and Advocacy Committee Meeting (2:45 PM)

Action and Discussion Agenda


  • TCS 1 Membership for the State Advisory Council on Indian Education The State Board is requested to approve the membership recommendations for the State Advisory Council on Indian Education. In 1988 a fifteen member State Advisory Council was established by the NC Legislature to provide a mechanism for advocating on the behalf of American Indian students. The State Board is requested to replace and approve an individual whose term, on the Advisory Council on Indian Education, expired in June 2010. This person, if approved shall serve for two years. In addition, there are three current members of the Council also recommended to serve a second term. Angela Lynch is the new member who is replacing Claire Hunter Morrow. The three recommended for reappointment include; Audrey Hunt, Velina Ebert, and Teresa Jones.
    • TCS 2 Requests for Repayment Waivers of the National Board Certification Fee The appeals of 24 teachers who failed to complete the process were considered by the Appeals Panel and the Panel’s recommendations will be presented to the State Board for approval this month. One individual (Nekita Avent) of the 24 is recommended for a waiver of the $2,500 and all other waiver requests are recommended for denial.

Action on First Reading

  • TCS 3 Approval of Grants
    • K-2 Reading Diagnostic Assessment Funds for Current Reading Pilot Schools Expanding to Grades 2 and 3 The State Board is asked to approve the allocation of the Reading First funds to be transferred to fund schools who missed the deadline for the August State Board meeting and to expand the current Reading Pilot Schools to Grades 2 and 3. The funding totals $422,350. This impacts 27 schools 5900 students and 170 teachers. The list of the schools can be found on the State Board Executive Summaries link under TCS 3. New Hanover has the most schools with eight on the list followed by three in Brunswick, three in Onslow, and two in Sampson. All the other schools are scattered about the State.
    • JOBS Commission Schools The State Board is requested to approve $100,000 of the $200,000 allocation for one Early College High School in Wake and Cumberland effective September 1, 2010.


  • TCS 4 2011-2013 Biennial Budget Request The State Board is requested to begin discussing future budget needs and specific budget requests to build the SBE Biennial Budget Request, which is set for approval at the November State Board meeting.

Update on Contracts

Contracts over $25,000 – 12 contracts

Contracts under $25,000 – 10 contracts

Thursday, September 2, 2010

State Board of Education Meeting, (9:00 AM) Dr. William Harrison, Chairman

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance: Ms. Chris Greene

Approval of Minutes

Key Initiatives Reports and Discussion

  • ACRE Update- Ms. Angela Quick
    • Performance Navigator Update-Mr. Adam Levinson

Information Agenda

Globally Competitive Students

  • GCS 3 Annual Report: State Advisory Council on Indian Education The Council serves as an important link in advising the State Board on issues pertinent to the education of American Indian students. The report contains data from the 2008-2009 academic year end-of-grade tests for American Indian students and compares them to statewide scores. The data continues to show disparities between American Indian students and other students. These disparities have persisted over the past five years and continue to be of great concern to the Council. The adoption of the Common Core Standards and revision of the state standards offer an opportunity to address those disparities through changes in the curriculum and more attention to the unique identifiers and status of the American Indian students in NC.
  • LFI 1 Plan for Statewide Assistance for Schools Upon adoption of the statewide ABCs test results the State Board receives information regarding resources needed to provide technical assistance to districts and schools who are struggling. In addition, to serving schools who are Low-Performing or in various levels of improvement based on No Child Left Behind, DPI is required to provide assistance to LEAs who are at the Corrective Action Level of District Improvement.  Judge Manning has also required assistance be provided to high schools with performance composites below 60. The State Board will be apprised of the plan for assistance to the districts and schools. Beyond these schools and districts DPI provided specific assistance to Bertie, Richmond, Lexington City, Hertford and Columbus in 2009-2010 and the performance in these districts will be reviewed, as well.

Consent Agenda

  • GCS 4 K-12 Arts Education and World Languages Essential Standards and Associated Policy Amendment  The State Board is asked to approve by consent the Essential Standards for K-12 Arts Education and “World Languages” and are requested to update policy GCS-F-009 to change the wording “Second Languages” to “World Languages” in the policy.  The Standards are on their final Draft 3.0 after having been through three previous revisions. These Standards can be found at:
  • GCS 5 Changes to the 2009-20010 ABCs/AYP Results The State Board is requested to approve changes to the 2009-2010 ABC’s/AYP Report. The changes will be provided when the State Board meets next week and are not included in the State Board materials.

Board Meeting and Committee Chair Reports

Action and Discussion Agenda

Superintendent’s Report

  • Dr. June Atkinson:

Chairman’s Remarks

  • Dr. Bill Harrison, Chairman
    • Legislative Update

New Business

Old Business



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