On Monday, the House returned in the afternoon to caucus and see what the Senate had left for them to finish. There were several Technical bills, Study bill, Appointments bill and about 35 other bills left in to pass in the House. They met in caucus and discussed what the Senate had left them with from last week and agreed to convene the Monday evening Session and try to finish their work. At 10:30 PM they completed all the bills they were going to hear, most passed and a few were held over until short session in 2010.

On Tuesday, the House and Senate convened with a skeleton crew to read in bills adjourn subject to the adjournment resolution, which they had passed on Monday night. The Senate did the same. It was a very strange way to finish with the Senate leaving on Friday, August 7th after the House had left for the week and then the House returning Monday, August 10th to finish. There was no give and take, whatever the Senate did, the House either had to agree or not pass it. Such was the case with the Technical Corrections bill, which spent another $7 million dollars in miscellaneous items after the Senate got a hold of it. The two major items in public schools were the restoration of the $2 million cut to small schools and the $200,000 to have a Leadership Academy at State Board of Education. Other than that, the other funded items were outside of public schools. They spent all but $4 million of the projected and new taxes funds. The economy will need to improve if the Governor is going to avoid additional cuts and furloughs before we reach June 30, 2010. Guess we will watch and wait and see if the new taxes garner as much money as they have projected.

The North Carolina General Assembly will reconvene at noon on May 12, 2010.

House Floor:

HB 104 Clarify Legislative Confidentiality Concurred and Ratified.

HB 274 Clarifying Changes to State Law Concurred and Ratified.

HB 589 Insurance and State Health Plan Cover/Hearing Aids/Autism Postponed to May 12, 2010.

HB 817 Ethics TC and Other Changes Conference Report Adopted.

HB 908 Election Administration Amendments Conference Report Adopted.

HB 1329 Consolidate Expunction Statutes Conference Report Adopted.

HB 191 General Statutes Clarifying Correction Concurred and Ratified

HB 836 Modify Appropriations Act Concurred and Ratified.

HB 945 The Studies Act of 2009 Concurred and Ratified.

HB 1261 Protect Our Kids/Cyber Bullying Misdemeanor Conference Report Adopted.

HB 1474 Credit Education Required for Students Concurred and Ratified.

SB 1106 Adjournment Resolution Passed second and third reading and Ratified.

Senate Floor:

SB 631 Conform Deadline to Registration/Inspection PCS changes the name to DMV Bureau of License and Theft/Vehicles Concurred and Ratified.



  1. daryl walker Says:

    What has happened to the NC Agricultural and Farmland Preservation Fund? How much money is left in this fund for farmland preservation? thank you. dfw

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