Preview of August State Board of Education Agenda

August 5-6, 2009

The following State Board of Education Committees will meet on Wednesday, August 5: Business/Finance and Advocacy Committee (8:00 AM), Globally Competitive Students (10:00 AM), Leadership for Innovation Committee (1:30 PM), and the 21st Century Professionals Committee (1:45 PM). The State Board of Education meeting is scheduled to begin on Thursday, August 6 at 9:00 AM.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Business/Finance and Advocacy Committee Meeting

Action and Discussion Agenda

Action on First Reading

  • TCS 1 Approval of Grants The Board is recommended to approve the grants.

-2009-2010 Unallotted Reading First Fund North Carolina has $1,188,571 in Reading First funds, that schools have reverted this year. The purpose of this item is to allot all the remaining funds directly to the grant schools to offset the 62 percent budget reduction of the US Department of Education. Supplemental allotments are based on ADM. WCPSS is not included in this item.  A list of the schools receiving the supplemental allotments is available upon request from this office.

-Education for Homeless Children and Youth Grant Awards The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction receives funds from the US Department of Education under the Title X-McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. The allocation to North Carolina for the 2009-2010 school year is estimated to be $1,503,440. The estimated funds to be awarded to LEAs are $1,127,580.  Wake County Public Schools requested $80,000 (the maximum allowed) to support the 1,745 homeless children in our schools.  WCPSS was granted the full amount. A complete list of funds allotted is available upon request from this office.

  • TCS 2 2009-10 Special Provisions This item was included in the agenda this month, however without a budget it begs the question. “Why is it here?”

Contract Update

Contracts over $25,000 – 66 Proposals

Contracts under $25,000 – 23 Proposals

New Business

-Communications Update

-Budget Update

-Intern Update- Presentation of Projects/Reports

Globally Competitive Students

Action and Discussion

Action on First Reading

  • GCS 1 ABCs/AYP Report for the 2008-09 School Year (Presented on Thursday at the end of the meeting, followed by press event) SBE is requested to approve the ABCs/AYP status of each school for the 2008-09 school year. The report is published electronically at The report includes results for all schools. Retest scores in grades 3 through 8 were used for the first time in calculating ABCs performance composites and AYP results. An overview of the results will be presented at the meeting.


  • GCS 2 Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Evaluation Policy The SBE will discuss the proposed policy as written and make any recommended changes. The reauthorization of ESEA requires the State Education Agency (SEA) to develop, implement, and publicly report on standards and techniques for monitoring the quality and effectiveness of services offered by approved supplemental educational services (SES) providers. The SEA must establish procedures for withdrawing approval from providers that fail, for two consecutive years, to contribute to increasing the academic proficiency of students served by the providers. A copy of the policy and evaluation rubric is available upon request from this office. This item is presented for discussion in August and will return in September for Action.
  • GCS 3 High School Courses Taken in the Middle School Considerations for English Language Arts The SBE will discuss the expansion of the existing policy to include English Language Arts courses, specifically, English I. DPI staff will share information with the Committee on expanding the current policy GCS-M-001 to allow middle school students to take and receive credit for high school English Language Arts courses.  This item is presented for discussion in August and will return in September for Action.
  • GCS 4 K-12 Mathematics, English 10, Occupational Course of Study, and K-12 Information Technology Essential Standards The SBE will review the new Essential Standards for K-12 Mathematics, English 10, Occupational Course of Study, and K-12 Information Technology. Staff is  recommending policy GCS-F-006 be deleted, because the  North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Computer and Technology Skills and the Information Skills courses have been merged and the policy is no longer needed. These essential standards are the result of analysis of current research, national and international standards, as well as business and labor market standards.  Essential Standards are presented by content area and grade level with clarifying objectives. A draft of these standards can be found at:

New Business

-Honors Review Follow-Up (This item will be presented first at the meeting)

-Update on National Standards

Old Business

-Graduation Project Status

Leadership for Innovation Committee

Action and Discussion Agenda


  • LFI 1 Recommendations for Preliminary Approval of 2009 Charter School Applications The Office of Charter Schools recommends the LFI Committee present three applicants to receive preliminary charters for Action at the July 2009 meeting. There are three openings for new schools at the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year. Seven applicants have been interviewed by the LFI Committee. They are: Bear Grass Charter School, Duplin Charter School, Henderson Collegiate, Lake Lure Classical Academy, McKinney Academy Charter School, Mountain Island Charter School and New Bern International Academy. The Committee discussed the underlined schools as a recommendation, but there was some disagreement so the Board will take Action this month on the final three to be chosen (whomever). There were no applicants selected from Wake County.


  • LFI 2 Charter Termination of PreEminent Charter School The Department of Public Instruction recommends termination of PreEminent’s Charter as of July 9, 2009. Renewal requirements for PreEminent to retain its charter were stated in a letter dated February 6, 2009. The charter school shall meet or exceed expected growth in the next two consecutive academic years (2008-09 and 2009-2010). Failure to meet this growth for any reason will cause PreEminent Charter Schools’s Charter to be revoked. PreEminent has been below 50 percent proficient four years in a row.

New Business

-Redesign of High School Turnaround

-NCVPS Director’s Report

21st Century Professionals Committee

Action and Discussion Agenda


  • TCP 1 Addition of Elementary (K-6) Content Area Concentrations as License Areas The Board will discuss the addition of the elementary (K-6) content area concentrations as license areas (English, math, science, and social studies). Individuals with an elementary (K-6) license would be eligible to have the elementary concentration areas added to their license based on the completion of 18 semester hours of graduate work in the content area. This proposal is presented for discussion in August and will be presented for Action at the September meeting.  It will become effective upon Board approval.
  • TCP 2 Proposed Qualifying Score for the Revised School Leaders Licensure Assessment School Leadership Series The SBE will discuss changing the scaled score to 163 for the revised School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) School Leadership Series. The current score for the SLLA is 155.  The revised SLLA test will be administered in September 2009 at which time the current test will no longer be available. This is a regeneration initiative by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), whereby the core content remains the same; however, the structure and formatting of the test have been updated. This item is presented for discussion this month and will become effective upon State Board approval.
  • TCP 3 Revised Mentor Standards and Training The SBE will discuss the proposed mentoring and education program standards. During the 2008-09 academic year, the SBE authorized a task force to address the new program standards, the establishment of a network of mentor programs, a new training program for mentors, and a review of the current NC SBE policies on Beginning Teacher Support. The standards for mentoring and induction programs developed by the task force include: 1) Systemic Support for high quality Induction Programs, 2) Mentor Selection, Development and Support, 3) Mentoring for Instruction Excellence, 4) Beginning Teacher Professional Development, and 5) Formative Assessment of Candidates and Programs. This item is scheduled for discussion in August and will return for Action in September. A copy of the standards is available upon request from this office.

3:30 PM Board Convenes in Open Session

Closed Session

Board Reconvenes in Open Session

4:30 PM Adjourn

Thursday, August 6, 2009 (9:00 AM)

State Board of Education Meeting, Dr. Bill Harrison, Chairman

Call to Order,

Pledge of Allegiance

Swearing-In Ceremony for New Board Members

-Mr. Wayne McDevitt, Marshall, Education District 8, SBE Member (Reappointment)

-Ms. Tricia Willoughby, Raleigh, At-Large SBE Member (Reappointment)

-Mr. Reginald Kenan, Warsaw, Education District 2, SBE Member

Approval of Minutes

Special Recognition-New State Board of Education Advisors

-Mr. Vann Pennell, Wachovia North Carolina Principal of the Year Advisor

-Ms. Jessica Garner, AT&T North Carolina Teacher of the Year Advisor

Information Agenda

Globally Competitive Students

  • GCS 5 Field Testing and Special Studies for the 2009-10 School Year According to State Statute, the Superintendent shall notify LEAs by October 1, of each year of any field tests that will administered during the school year. No school will be required to participate in more than two field tests at a given grade and LEAs are permitted to file an official appeal requesting that school be excluded from a specific field test sample. There are eight field and pilot tests scheduled for the 2009-2010 school year.  A copy of the field test calendar is available upon request from this office.

21st Century Professionals

  • TCP 4 2008 Teacher Working Conditions Survey Data and Research In the spring of 2008 more that 104,000 (87 percent) teachers and administrators statewide completed the NC Teacher Working Conditions Survey. There are reports on-line from traditional schools (100 percent), charter schools (62 percent), and special schools (81 percent). The presentation is a summary of the 2008 finds, including connections to student achievement and teacher retention, support for new teachers, tools for using data at the school level to inform school improvement conversations, principal working conditions, and support for the new teacher/principal evaluation instruments. Data from the 2008 survey can be accessed from:

Board Meeting and Committee Chair Reports-Listed Above

Superintendent’s Report

Dr. June Atkinson

Chairman’s Remarks

Update on the Framework for Change

Halifax County Update

Legislative Update

Old Business

New Business

-Approval of SBE 2010 Meeting Schedule

Globally Competitive Students

Action on First Reading

  • GCS 1 ABCs/AYP Report for the 2008-09 School Year (followed by a press event in the Board Lounge, adjacent to the State Board Room)

12:45 PM Adjourn


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