2009/2010 Education Money Report

It has taken some time and quite a bit of back and forth, but the House and Senate conferees have seemingly arrived a consensus.

Votes on the budget are expected late this week / early next week.

The Conference Report is now available online:




Check out this article from Under the Dome:

Budget: Education

The budget proposal includes $379.9 million in federal stimulus money for education. Those funds would be distributed across the state.

Notable cuts include:

* $48 million saved by delaying the adoption of math textbooks in grades 6 through 12. In the following year, the state expects a moratorium on all new textbook adoptions to save $115.4 million.

* $14.6 million through a reduction to local school systems for central office administration.

* $225 million will be to local school systems across the state. Local officials will decide how to make that cut and the state will allow systems some additional flexibility in moving money around to protect classroom instruction.

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* $38.3 million to eliminate funding to help students who perform poorly on certain statewide tests.

* $12 million to eliminate funding for all 200 literacy coaches.

* $15 million cut to the funding for salaries of transportation personnel as well as the maintenance of school buses. The figure represents a 3.9 percent cut.

* $4.6 million saved by eliminating 64 positions at the state Department of Public Instruction. The department currently has 29 vacant positions.

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