Preview of July State Board of Education Agenda

July 9, 2009

The State Board of Education meeting will be held one day only on July 9, 2009 beginning at 1:30 PM. This meeting will be conducted by conference call. The Board Committees will not meet this month.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

1:30 PM State Board of Education Meeting, Dr. Bill Harrison, Chairman

Call to Order,

Roll Call

Approval of Minutes

Globally Competitive Students


  • GCS 1 Academic Scholars Program The Academic Scholars Program must be revised to align with the Future-Ready Core Graduation Requirements, approved in September 2008, for students entering ninth grade for the first time in 2009-2010. The revision made includes two options: 1) Cumulative GPA to 3.500 (Un-weighted) and three additional credits of higher level courses (courses carrying five or six quality points) taken during junior and/or senior year. The second option includes: 2) two additional credits of higher level courses (courses carrying five or six quality points) taken during junior and/or senior years and completion of The NC Graduation Project. These are the two options that the Board will consider including in approving their revision of the Academic Scholars Program. A copy of the chart is available upon request from this office.
  • GCS 2 AIG Program Standards The Department of Public Instruction recommends the SBE adopt the North Carolina AIG Program Standards, directs DPI to develop a review process of local AIG programs, which supports continuous program improvement of local AIG programs and plans based on a body-of-evidence; and directs DPI to ensure that the State Auditor’s recommendations are being integrated into State practices and policies. The State Board of Education discussed adoption of new North Carolina AIG Standards. Last year the program was audited by the State Auditor and as a result DPI agreed to the following; DPI shall develop a review process of local AIG programs, which support continuous program improvement of local AIG programs and plans based on a body-of-evidence; and DPI shall ensure that these recommendations are integrated into state practices and policies. The AIG Program Standards have been developed to serve as a statewide framework for local AIG programs and will guide LEAs to develop, coordinate, and implement thoughtful and comprehensive AIG programs. These standards will convey expectations for quality local AIG programs and services, guide the development, revisions and monitoring of local AIG programs, articulate best practices for local AIG programs, provide a guide for personnel and professional development, promote strong partnerships and communication between and among home, school, and community and serve as a vehicle for continuous program improvement and accountability.

21st Century Professionals Committee


  • TCP 1 State Evaluation Committee Teacher Education Program and Alternative Lateral Entry Program Approval Recommendations The Committee recommends the State Board discuss and then give final approval next month of the following programs: Campbell University, Elizabeth City State University, and UNC-Chapel Hill. Alternative programs for lateral entry are also included for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ Career and Technical Education Lateral Entry Program and Mt. Olive College Lateral Entry Program.


  • TCP 2Elementary Mathematics Add-On License The recommendation is for the SBE to endorse the university designed add-on license for elementary math teachers. The proposed program is an online graduate-level program of study focused on the mathematical knowledge needed for successfully teaching mathematics at the elementary level.

Business/Finance and Advocacy Committee Meeting

Action and Discussion Agenda

  • TCS 1 Governor’s School Board of Governors The State Board of Education is asked to appoint Jim Hard (President of the North Carolina Governors’ School Alumni Association) to complete a current term ending on June 30, 2011. The State Board is asked to re-appoint Daniel Turner (WCPSS Staff) to a second term ending June 30, 2011 and to recommend four additional appointments, one each from Districts 2, 4, 5 and 8. The following information has been included since the meeting in June: Dr. Mitch Simpson from District 5 to serve as at-large member. Dr. Simpson, Senior Pastor of University Baptist Church in Chapel Hill, and is a Governor’s School alumnus; Nancy Armstrong, AIG Consulting Teachers from District 4 to fulfill the teacher representative vacancy; and Dr. Anne Garrett, Superintendent of Haywood County Schools from District 8 to fulfill the superintendent vacancy. The State Board of Education Office is still seeking qualified nominees from District 2. A copy of the membership roster is available upon request from this office.

Contract Update

Contracts over $25,000 – 3 Proposals

Contracts under $25,000 – 6 Proposals

Leadership for Innovation Committee

Action and Discussion Agenda

  • LFI 1 Standardization of Waiver/Exemption List for Cooperative Innovative High School Program Application The SBE is requested to approve routine waiver exemptions to become a part of the application process. Staff is requesting the State Board Chairman be authorized to approve these routine waivers for LEAs that are opening innovative programs and not require Board Approval. The current process unnecessarily burdens personnel at the school district and at NCDPI. In most cases, the exemptions requested are routine. SBE Waiver ID descriptions are classified as CA-1, CA-2 for waivers requested in accordance with the Calendar Bill, P-1 and P-2 specify waivers for personnel, CU-1 relates to routine waiver with curriculum, and TST-1, TST-2.
  • LFI 2 Preliminary Approval of New Charter Schools The Office of Charter Schools recommends the LFI Committee present three applicants to receive preliminary charters to the SBE for Action at the July 2009 meeting. There are three openings for new schools at the beginning of the 2009-2010 school years. Seven applicants have been interviewed by the LFI Committee. They are: Bear Grass Charter School, Duplin Charter School, Henderson Collegiate, Lake Lure Classical Academy, McKinney Academy Charter School, Mountain Island Charter School and New Bern International Academy. The Committee discussed the underline schools as a recommendation, but there was some disagreement so the Board will take Action this month on the final three (whomever). There were no applicants selected from Wake County.

Superintendent’s Report

Dr. June Atkinson

Chairman’s Remarks

Halifax County Update, Update on the Framework for Change, Legislative Update

Closed Session

Board Reconvenes in Open Session



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