The House Select Committee on Economic Recovery met jointly with the Senate on Tuesday to report on the current economic conditions in the State.  The governor has already spent $400 million of the Stabilization Funds leaving a balance of $935 million over the next two years. The belief is the Education subcommittee will simply divide the funds in half. The education subcommittee met Wednesday after Session to release their proposal to cut the education budget. Their target for all of Education was $10.5 billion and if you add the stimulus funds ($467 million) you will reach $10.97 billion. The continuation funding for all of education is estimated at $12.34 billion so when you do the math you need to cut $1.37 billion from all the education entities. This equates to an 11% percent cut to each of the three education groups, based on the continuation funding. The projected target figure of the cuts for public schools for the House Education subcommittee chairs is approximately $917,194,957.

Highlights of the Recurring Statewide Cuts:

Class Size Increase of two students: $322.7 million (6,005 classroom teachers)

Central Office: $6.5 million

Improving Student Accountability $38.4 million (eliminates fund)

Non-Instructional Support $20.2 million (5 percent reduction)

Eliminate Teacher Assistants 3rd Grade $130.1 million (4,663 teacher assistants)

Instructional Support: $21.5 million (354 personnel)

School Building Administration $17.6 million (187 Assistant Principals 1:890)

Eliminate Literacy Coaches $12 million

At Risk Student Services $22.9 million

Eliminate Learn and Earn Online $1.35 million

Transportation $19.42 million (5 percent reduction)

National Board Program $3.27 million (eliminates application funds and substitute allotment)

Shorten School Year 5 days 09-10 and 10 days 10-11-$100/$200 million

These cuts though not all of them are listed above, total $784,813,928 Million.

The highlights of the non-recurring cuts are as follows and total $123.5 million:

Highlights of Non-Recurring Cuts

Textbooks $38 million

Staff Development $12.56 million (eliminates for two years)

Redirect Construction Capital Funds $60.5/$64.5 million

Expansion items total $22 million with the majority going to Dropout Grants ($14 million).

This is shock and awe as we affectionately refer to it. There will certainly be a great deal of maneuvering in the next two-three weeks as the House works to finalize and pass their budget. Whatever they come up with will then go to the Senate after which they will have to go to Conference until they can reach a final agreement on the budget.



  1. mawelge Says:

    Thank you for collecting this information. This is perhaps the best resource I have found yet for finding info on the proposed budget cuts. -Mike, Hickory, NC

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