HB 1085 Sci/Tech/Eng/Math Innovative Study Commission

HB 1089 Study Social workers in Schools

HB 1097 Bidding Process Changes/Maintenance and Oper.

HB 1102 Funds/Study State Health Plan

HB 1116 Home Schoolers Participate in School Sports

HB 1117 Sex Offender Can’t Drive Bus with Children

HB 1121 Create Active Living Communities Commission

HB 1127 Allow Greater Local Energy Efficiency Standards

HB 1128 funds for Healthful Living Coordinator

HB 1134 Open Government Act

HB 1140 Education Assistance for Minimum Wage Workers

HB 1148 Eliminate Transfer to Funds for Driver’s Education

HB 1152 Expand Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs/Funds

HB 1153 Retain Pregnant and Parenting Students/Funds

HB 1167 Local Governments Regulate Smoking/Public Places

HB 1169 Enact WARN-NC/Give 90-Day Layoff Notice

HB 1172 Take Voluntary Furloughs/State Government & Schools

HB 1173 DOT-Maintain Roads for School Buses/Emergency Vehicles

HB 1176 Reorganize Schools with High Dropout Rates

HB 1177 Restore Flexibility to the School Calendar

HB 1178 Promote Voting by High School Students

HB 1179 Study Equity of School Counselor Compensation

HB 1181 Transfer NCCAT to DPI

HB 1183 Health and Other Insurance Law Changes

HB 1199 Energy Efficiency in Buildings/if State Funded

HB 1218 No Sludge Applied on Certain Public Places

HB 1220 Greater Enrichment Program/Funds

HB 1221 Develop State Employee Benefits Statement

HB 1233 Protect Special Revenue Funds/Budget Deficit

HB 1247 State Health Plan/Employee-Only Premium

HB 1248 Community Care NC/Obesity Prevention Initiative

HB 1255 Sex Offenders/Permanent No Contact Order

HB 1261 Protect Our Kids/Cyber Bullying Misdemeanor

HB 1263 Keeping Records of Closed Sessions

HB 1264 Sick School Bus Drivers May use Annual Leave

HB 1265 Identity Theft Warning/Employment Assistance

HB 1268 Eminent Domain

HB 1271 Clarify Social Services Commission Authority

HB 1274 Childhood Obesity/Common Metric Measurers

HB 1280 Clarifying Changes/Work First Program

HB 1283 Good Faith Immunity/Certain Employers

HB 1284 Brain Injury Advisory Council

HB 1288 Plastic Bags Recycling

HB 1291 Duty-Free Period for Teachers

HB 1292 Employment of Noncertified School Personnel

HB 1293 NC Risk Pool Changes/Out-of-State Services

HB 1294 NC Risk Pool Clarifications

HB 1301 Improve School Discipline

HB 1302 State Health Plan/Transfer to OSBM

HB 1306 Restore Flexibility to School Calendar

HB 1308 Define Parenting Education/Family Law

HB 1310 Insurance Premium Discount/Prevention Course

HB 1311 Maintain NC LEAF Funding

HB 1317 Sex Offender Registry Changes

HB 1322 Probationary Teacher Appeals

HB 1327 Schools Notified of Gang Membership

HB 1329 Consolidate Expunction Statutes

HB 1349 Amend the Compulsory School Attendance Law

HB 1350 UI/School Teacher Related Amendments

HB 1351 Support Our Students Funds

HB 1365 Provide COLAs for Retirees

HB 1371 Limit Use of Child Nutrition Program Funds

HB 1372 Eliminate Reduced Cost School Meals

HB 1373 Phase-In Physical Education Requirements

HB 1386 Childhood Vaccines/Phase-Out Preservatives

HB 1391 NC Risk Pool Clarifications

HB 1392 NC Risk Pool Changes/Out-of-State Services

HB 1393 Certain Retired Principals Return to Work

HB 1394 Legislative Study of Alternative Schools

HB 1400 Prohibit Underage Smoking/Infraction

HB 1402 Cover NC Health Care Access Program

HB 1405 Study/After-School Child Care Programs

HB 1414 The Youth Accountability Act

HB 1416 Children of Incarcerated Parents Study

HB 1420 State Health Plan/No Abortion Coverage

HB 1425 Limited Driving Privileges for 18/19/20-DWI

HB 1430 Modify Charter School Law

HB 1433 Clarify Volunteer Immunity/AED

HB 1441 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act

HB 1443 Green Building Code

HB 1446 Amend Law RE: School Improvement Plans

HB 1459 Health Insurance/In Network Provider Choice

HB 1465 Workers’Comp/UIM Coverage Stacking

HB 1466 Coordinate Teacher Education Reporting Requirements

HB 1467 Funds/Tech. Assistance/Healthy Lifestyle

HB 1469 Funds/Grants for Active Living Plans

HB 1470 Study Length of School Lunch Period

HB 1471 Counties & Schools Share P.E. Equipment

HB 1472 Healthy Eating/Physical Activity/Child Care

HB 1474 Credit Education Required/High School Seniors

HB 1476 Government Immunity/Adequacy of Remedies

HB 1482 UNC Infirmaries/State Health Plan Network

HB 1484 Promote Electricity Demand Reduction

HB 1495 No Sovereign Immunity Nonwaiver Endorsement

HB 1504 Transfer NCCAT to SBE

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