The Senate began releasing their budget Monday and the highlights for public schools are as follows:

The 2009-2010 Senate Education Budget was cut by approximately 6 percent $7,629,717,045.

Reduction Items

Class Size Reduction            (2 students)                                                $322,705,848    Recurring

Student Accountability                                                            $  38,339,798    Recurring

Textbooks                                                                                    $  37,977,278    Non-recurring

Continuation Adjustments                                                            $  10,114,135    Recurring

LEA Discretionary Reduction                                                            $    9,432,140    Recurring

Central Office Cut 5.3%                                                            $    6,470,262    Recurring

Staff Development                                                                        $    6,278,960    Non-recurring

Corporate Tax-Capital Funds                                                            $  60,500,000    First year

                                                                                                         $  64,500,000              Second year           

Fund One LEA per County 2010-2011                                    $  11,393,230    Recurring

Expansion Items

Assessments and Accountability                                                $    3,000,000    Non-recurring

School Reform                                                                        $    3,023,546    Recurring

School Reform                                                                        $       342,000    Non-recurring

NCVPS                                                                                    $    2,000,000    Recurring

Learn and Earn                                                                        $    3,601,265    Recurring

Learn and Earn                                                                        $       120,000    Non-recurring           


Salaries: Unknown at this time, though rumor has it the Teachers/Principals Step Increase is in the full budget, which we have not seen yet.

Longevity was funded.

DPI reductions were in the areas of positions with the possible elimination of 100 agency positions in 2009-2010 and 200 more positions in 2010-2011.  Total savings $18 million in the next two years.

The More-at Four Program was decreased by $86 million and moved to Dept. of Health and Human Resources. Also, transfers cost of 50 percent of State Tort Claims to LEAs

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