Preview of March State Board of Education Agenda

March 4 & 5, 2009


All the State Board of Education Committees will meet on Wednesday, March 4, Business/Finance and Advocacy Committee (8:00AM), Globally Competitive Students (10:00 AM), 21st Century Professionals Committee (1:00 PM), and the Leadership for Innovation Committee (1:00 PM).


Wednesday, March 4, 2009 (8:00 AM) Board Room

Business/Finance and Advocacy Committee Meeting

Action and Discussion Agenda

Action on First Reading

·               TCS 1 Approval of Grant

                21st Century community Learning Center Programs The recommendation is for the SBE to approve the grant requests. The total amount of the Federal 21st Century Community Learning Center award for 2008-09 was $23,304,057 of which $16,113,001.34 has previously been distributed. Twenty-five organizations submitted proposals. Fourteen proposals were approved for a total of $2,655,600 in funding.  W.E.B. DuBois CDC Rings of Life (Wake Co.) submitted a proposal but was not recommended. 

New Business

Communications Update

Budget Update

Contracts over $25,000 – 15 Proposals

Contracts under $25,000 – 7 Proposals


Globally Competitive Students (10:00 AM) Board Room

Action on First Reading

·      GCS 1 Changes to NC’s NCLB Consolidated State Application Accountability Workbook The recommendation is for the Board to approve the three amendments to the NC Accountability Workbook. For the 2008-09 School Year amendments were made for 1) Students with Disabilities Who Exit the Program, 2) Retesting results in Grades 3 through 8, and 3) Redundancy in End-of-Course (EOC) and End-of-Grade (EOG) Testing.  LEP students in their first year are exempt from retesting since their scores are not used in state and federal accountability. The policy is available upon request. The SBE is awaiting approval of the requested changes from the USED. This item is presented for Action on First Reading.

·      GCS 2 Publisher’s Request to Remove Textbook The recommendation is for the Board to approve the request to withdraw Human Kinetics’ textbook from the 2008 Adopted Textbook List. Due to the company’s difficulty in securing the required surety bond ($3,000) for the entire contract term, they have requested that the World of Wellness Health Education Series, Grade 4 be removed from the state textbook adopted list. This item is presented for Action on First Reading.


·      GCS 3 2009 Invitation to Submit Textbooks for Evaluation and Adoption in North Carolina The Board will discuss approval of the 2009 Invitation to Submit Textbooks for Evaluation and Adoption in North Carolina. The adoption information will be for Mathematics 6-12, Second Languages 6-12, English Language Development (ESL) K-12, and Agricultural Education 7-12.

The invitation is posted on the DPI website:

This item will be submitted for approval at the April meeting.

·      GCS 4 Allowing Retest Results in the Calculation of Performance Composites of ABCs and AYP The State Board of Education will discuss approval of the new retesting policy and the amendments to other affected policies. In January, the SBE voted to require students who do not meet the Achievement Level III standard on EOGs be retested (Retest I) and for the higher of the original or Retest 1 EOG score be included in the performance composites and for AYP effective with the 2008-09 school year. The SBE also approved requiring students who do not meet the Level III standard on EOCs be retested and for the higher of the original or Retest 1 EOC score to be included in the performance composites and for AYP, effective with the 2009-2010 school year. This action requires a new policy and affects GCS-A-004, HSP-N-005 and 003. This item is presented for discussion and will be submitted for approval at the April meeting.

·      GCS 5 Changes to Policy Delineating and Components of the ABCs Accountability Program Including Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for 2008-09 School Year  The Board is requested to approve the changes to HSP-C-020 policy for the 2008-09 school year. The USED informed DPI that the Occupational assessments can no longer be used to meet the high school testing requirements under NCLB. Because other assessments available for meeting AYP do not match the OCS Standard Course of Study or its instructional delivery, OCS students will not be eligible to take any of the available assessments and will be counted as non-participants for AYP. OCS students are still required to take OCS assessments to meet the requirements of the State ABCs Accountability Program. This item is presented for discussion and will be submitted for approval at the April meeting

New Business

Math Standards Discussion

Graduation Project Discussion

21st Century Professionals Committee (1:00 PM) Room 504


·      TCP 1 Approval of the Location of the 4th Regional Alternative Licensure Center The Board is recommended to approve the request to establish a fourth Regional Alternative Licensure Center in Catawba County. This location is based upon feedback and data gathered from LEAs in the service area, personnel administrators and from representatives from institutions of higher education.

Action on First Reading

·      TCP 2 Recommendations from the Advisory Board on Requests for Exception from Teacher Licensing Requirements The Board is recommended to approve the requests as presented. A panel chaired by a member of the State Board reviews the requests by individuals who have not met licensing requirements due to extenuating circumstances. They may request an exception from the requirement or an extension of time. Closed Session Item

·      TCP 3 APA Policies on Teacher Evaluation Process: Public Comments Report (16NCAC 6C.0503 and 16 NCAC 6C.0504) The Board shall consider public comments received in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act. A summary of the comments and the transcript of the public hearing are available upon request from this office.


·      TCP 4 Proposed Revisions to the Eligibility Requirements for Provisional Licenses in School Counseling and School Social Work The State Board will discuss the proposed revisions to the eligibility for provisional licensing in school counseling and school of social work.  The requirement for counseling is the completion of a master’s degree in Agency Counseling, Clinical Mental Health, Community Counseling or Rehabilitation Counseling from a regional accredited college or university or completion of a minimum of 18 graduate semester hours in a school counselor program. School Social Work requires completion of a bachelor’s, master’s, specialist, or doctoral degree in social work. The proposed revision to the policy is effective as of July 1, 2009. This item will be presented for approval at the April meeting.

·      TCP 5 Lateral Entry Licenses for NC Virtual Public School Teachers of Critical Languages The State Board of Education will discuss the proposed policy to allow the NC Virtual Public School to request lateral entry licenses for teachers of critical languages. The Licensure Section will issue a program of study outlining the requirements the individual must fulfill to be issued a Standard Professional I license and the requirements must be fulfilled within the same time limits as other lateral entry teachers. This item will be submitted for approval in April.

New Business

Update on School Leadership Program Re-visioning

Professional Development at Githens Middle School (Durham Public Schools)

Leadership for Innovation Committee (1:00 PM) Board Room


·      LFI 1 1:1 Learning Technology Initiative Report The State Board is requested to accept the 1:1 Laptop Evaluation Report. The legislation for this program requires a report be submitted to the General Assembly, no later than March 15, 2009. The Friday Institute has completed the first-year evaluation and has provided this report to fulfill the legislative requirement. Some of the next steps recommended include; establishing a public-private funding mechanism, establishing the human infrastructure and support systems needed to take the program statewide, updating the education workforce, developing cost effective, scalable technology services and supports, providing school district policy guidelines, and documentation and evaluation. The report presents the evaluation of progress at mid-year of the second year in the program as the first step in the planned three-year evaluation. The report focuses on the eight schools in the pilot and their progress toward implementing the 1:1 environment and the barriers, successes, and lessons learned in the early stages of implementation of the program. 

·      LFI 2 Renewal Recommendations for Charter Schools with Charter Expiring June 2009 The Office of Charter Schools recommends no action on the renewal of the charter for Torchlight. The charter will expire June 30, 2009. Academic Performance Composite below 50 percent for three of the last five years, Title I Sanction Level 5 2008-09, AYP not met four out of the last five years, 2007-08 testing procedure non-compliance, 2007-08 and 2008-09 Health Department Food Service Violations and 2006-07 School Lunch Program non-compliance were stated as reasons for non-renewal.  In addition, many audit discrepancies over the past years, and monitoring and compliance findings were also listed as reasons for non-renewal.

Action on First Reading

·      LFI 3 Program Approvals Under the Innovative Education Initiatives Act The recommendation is to approve the 12 Early College School Programs.  The schools included are: Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College, Early College EAST High School, Franklin County Early College High School, Granville County Early College High School, Henderson County Early College, Maryland Early College High School, Stokes County Early College High School, Wake NC State University Early College High School, Roanoke Valley Early College, Wilkes Early College High School, Wilson Early College Academy and James Kenan Early College High School (conversion site). The Wake NC State University Early College High School is a collaboration between NCSU and the Wake County Public School System and provides a highly supportive and academically challenging learning environment for students underserved in traditional high school setting in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines and will prepare students to compete globally in careers related to these areas.

New Business

NC Virtual Public School/Learn and Earn on-Line (LEO) Director’s Report

Low Performing Charter Schools

Charter Schools: Policies and Processes

District and School Transformation Update

Lateral Entry Licenses for NC Virtual Public School Teachers of Critical Languages


Thursday, February 5, 2009 

8:30 AM State Board of Education Meeting, Howard Lee, Chairman

Swearing-In Ceremony for New State Board of Education Member

The Honorable Carl R. Fox, North Carolina Superior Court Judge

·      Dr. William C. Harrison, Fayetteville, NC, At-Large Member

Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Approval of Minutes

Resolution Honoring Outgoing Deputy State Superintendent

·      Mr. John B. Buxton

Remarks by State Board of Education Chairman, Howard N. Lee

Election of State Board of Education Chairman

Special Presentation by the North Carolina Association of School Administrators

·      Mr. Howard N. Lee

Information Agenda

Healthy Responsible Students

·      HRS 1 Consolidated Data Report: Crime and Violence, Suspensions and Expulsions, and Dropout Rates and Counts The State Board is asked to accept the report.  The report will be distributed at the March meeting.

Chairman’s Remarks

Update on the Framework for Change

State Superintendent’s Report

Dr. June Atkinson

Board Meeting and Committee Chair Reports-Listed Above



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