The Stimulus Plans: How They Differ – Wall Street Journal


“The Senate passed an economic stimulus plan with a price tag of around $840 billion on Tuesday, 13 days after the House passed its own version of the plan with an estimated cost of approximately $820 billion. Now, lawmakers must meet to reconcile the two bills–and multiple competing factions—before the plan can be sent to the White House. 

House and Senate Democrats are likely to fight over spending items ignored by the other chamber. Moderate Republicans and Democrats who pushed to cut the size of the original Senate package will be unwilling to see its price rise. The White House wants to restore some funding already cut by those moderates. And Senate Democrats may also go after tax breaks inserted by Senate Republicans.

The article details both the House and the Senate versions as well as how and where they contradict. 

To view the complete Wall Street Journal article, click the following link:




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