The 2009 Session of the North Carolina General Assembly convened at noon on Wednesday, January 28, 2009.  The new members, 16 in the House and 5 in the Senate, were sworn in on the 28th. The 2009 Session of the General Assembly begins with serious budget issues as there appears to be a $2-3 billion hole in the budget, needing to be filled. Revenues are down and members are going to have some tough decisions. Speaker Hackney is hoping the Federal Stimulus, which will provide approximately $16 billion to NC, will help fill the hole and make it easier for NC lawmakers. The Federal Stimulus package includes funding for education; Title 1 $169,356,000/same, IDEA-$166,943,000/$202,403,000, Education Technology-$12,338,986/same, Construction Renovation and Repair-$363,695,000/$187,457,000 in 2009/2010. The package has been passed in the House and the Senate and House will have to negotiate their differences before final passage.

The NC Senate will prepare the budget first this year. Governor Perdue is expected to deliver the “State of the State” speech to both chambers in February. She will release her budget recommendations to the General Assembly sometime after her speech. The House elected Speaker Joe Hackney for a second term, while the Senate elected President ProTempore Marc Basnight, now in his 16th year, as the leader of the Senate. The House and the Senate leadership will spend the next few weeks finalizing office assignments, working on committee assignments, and introducing bills. House and Senate bills this week and bill deadlines are posted below. 


Bills Introduced:


HB 2 Prohibit Smoking in Public and Work Places

HB 21 Eugenics Program Support and Education


SB 2 Lottery School Capital Fund Formula

SB 12 Ban Mobile Phone Use While Driving

SB 16 DPI/Curriculum on 1898 Wilmington Race Riot

SB 17 Pay Teachers the ABC Bonuses They Earn


2009 Deadlines

Drafts                                                              To Bill Drafting                                                Filed

House Local Bills                                    Wednesday, March 18                                    Wednesday, April 1

Senate Local Bills                                    Tuesday, March 3                                    Wednesday, March 11

House Public Bills                                    Thursday, March 26                                    Wednesday, April 8

Senate Public Bills                                    Friday, March 13                                    Wednesday, March 25

House Appropriations/Finance            Wednesday, April 22                                    Wednesday, May 6

Crossover Deadline Thursday, May 14


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