Preview of February State Board of Education Agenda

February 4 & 5, 2009

All the State Board of Education Committees will meet on Wednesday, February 4, Globally Competitive Students (10:30 AM), 21st Century Professionals Committee (1:00 PM), Leadership for Innovation Committee (12:30 PM), and the Business/Finance and Advocacy Committee (2:15 PM).

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 (10:30 AM) Board Room

Globally Competitive Students


·      GCS 1 Participation in American Diploma Project (ADP) Algebra I and II Exams The State Board is recommended to determine the plans for NC participation in the American Diploma project. NC is a member of the ADP Network sponsored by Achieve, Inc., which includes 33 states who are committed to ensuring every high school graduate is prepared for college or work by raising the rigor of standards, exams, and curricula. NC has partnered with the Network on developing Algebra I and Algebra II exams based on standards developed by Achieve, Inc. DPI is recommending that a representative sample of high schools participate in the ADP Algebra II assessment in Spring of 2009 to provide a state-to-state comparison. They are also recommending the SBE consider waiving the State Algebra II EOC requirement for the sampled high schools, and that LEAs would have the local option to allow the sampled schools to administer the North Carolina Algebra II EOC. However, the Algebra II EOC results would not be used in accountability. Due to budget constraints, the department recommends, that North Carolina continue to be involved in ADP Algebra I test development activities but not administer the ADP Algebra I exam during spring 2009.

·  GCS 2 Technical Correction of State Board Policies SBE policy HSP-N-000 is submitted for deletion as a technical correction as it is being replaced by a revised HSP-N-003 and a new policy HSP-N-009 which was approved in December.

New Business

K-2 Literacy Assessment Revision

Back on Track-Adult High School Diploma

Update on Raising Achievement and Closing the Gap Conference–The NC Graduation Project

North Carolina’s Annual Performance Report for Students with Disabilities

21st Century Professionals Committee (1:00 PM) Room 504


·      TCP 1 State Evaluation Committee Teacher Education Program and Alternative Lateral Entry Program Approval Recommendations The State Board discussed the approval recommendations made by the State Evaluation Committee on Teacher Education. Program approvals include: Greensboro College, High Point University, Queens University of Charlotte, Salem College, Shaw University, Wake Forest University and Wingate University. The Committee also reviewed the proposal for an alternative program for lateral entry teachers. The Moore County Schools/Sandhills Community College program review is included. The Committee supports the Lateral Entry Training (LET) program being used by Moore County schools. They are using the research-based Learning-Focused model for lesson design, which focuses on five areas; planning, curriculum, instruction, assessment and school organization. They plan to implement this model in 2009-2010 and have submitted their proposal to the State Board for approval.

 New Business

Update on Teacher Education Program Re-visioning

Leadership for Innovation Committee (12:30 PM)


·      LFI 1 Renewal Recommendations for Charter Schools with Charters Expiring June 2009 The State Board will take action on the recommendations of the Office of Charter Schools on renewals for charter schools that expire June 2009. The following is a list of the schools with the renewal recommendations: American Renaissance (Iredell)-10 year, Crossnore (Avery)-5 year, Evergreen (Buncombe)-10 year, Forsyth Academies (Forsyth)-10 year, Greensboro Academy (Guilford)-10 year, Guilford Preparatory Academy (Guilford)-5 year, Mountain Community (Henderson)-10 year, PreEminent (Wake)-No Action, Provisions (Lee)-No Action, Quest (Wake)-10 year, Raleigh Charter High School (Wake)-10 year, Research Triangle Charter Academy (Durham)-5 year, Sandhills Theatre Arts Renaissance School (Moore)-3 year, Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy (Rutherford)-10 year Vance Charter (Vance)-10 year, Torchlight (Wake)-No Action.


·      LFI 2 1:1 Laptop Evaluation: Report to the State Legislature The State Board will discuss the 1:1 Laptop Evaluation Report. The legislation for this program requires a report be submitted to the General Assembly, no later than March 15, 2009. The Friday Institute has completed the first-year evaluation and has provided this report to fulfill the legislative requirement. Some of the next steps recommended include; establishing a public-private funding mechanism, establishing the human infrastructure and support systems needed to take the program statewide, updating the education workforce, developing cost effective, scalable technology services and supports, providing school district policy guidelines, and documentation and evaluation. An overview of the report will be presented for discussion.

New Business

-NC Virtual Public School/Learn and Earn on-Line (LEO) Director’s Report

-Low Performing Charter Schools

-Charter Schools: Policies and Processes

-District and School Transformation Update

Learn and Earn Update


Business/Finance and Advocacy Committee Meeting (2:15 PM) Board Room

Action and Discussion Agenda


·      TCS 1 North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) Funding Formula The recommendation is that the SBE direct the Department to report the formula options to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee. The SBE reviewed the proposed funding formula options for NCVPS. Funding options include: 1) Request and obtain full funding from the General Assembly ($30 million), 2) Charge a fee per course (allow LEAs the flexibility to convert teacher positions to dollars to cover the cost of courses), 3) Develop a formula where NCVPS is treated like an LEA with its own ADM, or 4) a combination of the above options. The cost per course in 2007-2008 was $629.50 with 15,099 students taking courses. The 2008-2009 cost for 15,929 students is projected to be $717.20 per course per student (lower as a result of carryover funds from preceding year). The state average cost per course is actually $870.50.

·      TCS 2 Membership for the Council on Educational Services for Exceptional Children The State Board is asked to approve the recommendations for membership to the Council. The Council is responsible for advising the SBE on issues related to the educational needs of children with disabilities. The majority of the members are individuals with disabilities or parents of children with disabilities. There are three SBE vacancies from Regions 4 and 7 with one being a parent of a disabled child, a central office administrator and a representative of a charter school. The term of appointments by the SBE is four years. The SBE is asked to approve the recommendation of Anne Maxwell to fill the position of a parent of a child with disability to server on the Council. Since the January meeting, Susan Humbert (EC teacher, Lake Norman Charter School) has expressed an interest in filling the Charter School representative vacancy and Felix Keyes (principal, Owen Elementary School in Cumberland County) has expressed an interest in filling the vacancy of general education administrator. The appointment term for each is July 1, 2008-June 30, 2012.

·      TCS 3 Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children The State Board is recommended to approve the formation of a State Council, as required by state law, to participate in the Interstate Compact for Military Children. The following individuals are being recommended: Dr. June Atkinson, Dr. Kathy Spencer, Onslow County Schools, Mr. Robert Freeman, Seymour Johnson AFB, Mr. Stephen Halkiotis Orange Board of Education, Mr. Kirk Denning Johnston County Schools Principal, Senator Vernon Malone, Representative Rick Glazier, David Phillips, Cumberland County Schools, Board Attorney, Governor Perdue will make her appointment later, and there will be a Military Family Education liaison.

Action on First Reading

·      TCS 4 Approval of Grant The recommendation is for the SBE to approve the increased funding for the existing grants for 2008-09.

-Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) Grant Increased funding is recommended for Physics Project Year 2 of 3 (Winston Salem Forsyth -$73,764), Partners for Mathematics Learning: Disseminating North Carolina’s 2008 Mathematics Curriculum Standards Year 2 of 3 (Roanoke Rapids $79,500), NC STEM Year 2 of 3 (Weldon City Schools $30,000), and Modeling Instruction in Physics, Physical Science and Chemistry Year 1 of 2 (Watauga County Schools $30,000). Total amount of the funding is $213,264.  Recommendations for new awards will be presented in April 2009.

New Business

Communications Update

Budget Update

Contracts over $25,000 –    11 Proposals

Contracts under $25,000 –  10 Proposals


Thursday, February 5, 2009 

8:30 AM State Board of Education Meeting, Howard Lee, Chairman

Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance,

Swearing-In Ceremony for New State Board of Education Member

The Honorable Howard E. Manning, Jr., North Carolina Superior Court Judge

·               Mr. Ray Durham, Jacksonville, NC, Representing Education District 2


Good News:

·               Project Enlightenment-Wake County Public Schools

Dr. Cynthia Chamblee, Director

Special Recognition:

·               2008-09 Milken Award Winner

Mr. Bryan Holley, Corinth Holders Elementary School Johnston County Schools

·      Donation to the AT&T NC Teacher of the Year Program by AT&T North Carolina

Mr. Herb W. Crenshaw, Executive Director of Legislative Affairs, AT&T North Carolina

Approval of Minutes


Information Agenda

Globally Competitive Students

·      GCS 5 Dropout Data Report, 2007-08 The report contains statewide and LEA analysis of dropout events, rates and disaggregates data by age, grade, gender, race and reason. The full report will be distributed at the meeting.


Chairman’s Remarks

Update on the Framework for Change

 State Superintendent’s Report:  Dr. June Atkinson

Board Meeting and Committee Chair Reports


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